Comedians, Ventriloquists & Roasts

Whether it is one comedian for your special event or a full fledged comedy show with several comedians, our performers will make your occasion hilarious. Our comedians have been featured on HBO, Comedy Central, VH1, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and more. We can model the show around any type of restrictions that you may have as far as content and language. Our comedians routinely perform in night clubs, temples, churches, and business environments.
  • Comedy shows are a great way to boost business in your night club or restaurant. Besides providing a great night of entertainment, our shows will bring new customers into your establishment and also bring in existing customers on a night when they would not normally be there. The shows will create a buzz, get folks talking about your venue, and bring together the people in your community for a great night of fun.
  • Comedy shows are great for fundraising events for your charity, Fire Department, Elks Lodge, Knights of Columbus, Little League, Temple, Church, and more. We will help your group maximize its’ earning potential by offering proven strategies to make your event a financial bonanza and a memorable event for your community.
  • Comedians are great for corporate events as well. Whether it is showing your team how much you appreciate their hard work at a business meeting or having a comedian perform at your company’s end of year party, a professional comedian is a great way to let your hair down for a brief respite and share a good laugh with your co-workers.
  • Colleges and Project Graduations are often looking for creative ways to keep students entertained and safe. A comedy show is a great way to accomplish both. Why worry about driving to a club and going into the night when we can bring the night’s entertainment to you? Our comedians are great at creating a night of comedy that young adults will never forget!


Have you ever watched the Dean Martin or Comedy Central Roasts & thought, "Wow, that would be great fun for somebody in my life!" Well we can make that happen but we will need a little help from you. We will send you a questionnaire for you and others to answer about the guest of honor. The more information you provide the better the roast will be. After you send back the information, one of our professional roasters will craft that information and those personal stories into unique jokes just for this event. Our roasters regularly roast at corporate events and private parties. Show that special person how much you care and sock it to them good...right in the funny bone!!!