Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

The Murder Mystery Dinner Show is very popular with groups of 30 or more. It really is a case of the more the merrier. When thinking of the Murder Mystery you should pretend that you are in the board game Clue and it is your job to figure out who the murderer is. 4 – 6 professional actors who will make the story come alive will guide you through your adventure. In addition, there will be times when you will be needed to participate in a scene. For example, in our show which takes place in the Roaring 20’s the gang will need to find a new leader and will have no choice but to look to the audience to fill the role. During the 50’s Reunion, which takes place in the 70’s, there will be an opportunity to show off your best Twist or other period dance moves in a dance contest. The experience is truly interactive.

The show is broken into several scenes depending on which show is being performed. The first scene is generally a meet and greet type scenario where the actors get everybody in the mood for the show that is about to take place. A fun thing to do is to have your guests dress for the occasion. This really does add a great deal of authenticity to the evening.

After the meet & greet the show gets underway. About half way through is intermission where dinner is served and the guests can start drawing some conclusions about what they are participating in. After dinner the play concludes. This is where the audience’s participation is at it’s most crucial. As one of you will determine who committed the murder and how it was done…so be creative!

The show runs for approximately 2 ½ hours in total.

Some of the favorite shows are:

The Roaring 20’s
This takes place at a club in the 20’s. This show features some very cool props. Who killed the gang leader?
The 50’s Reunion
What’s better than a sock hop? A sock hop high school reunion that takes place in the 70’s. We know those hot pants or poodle skirt is just itching to come out one more time. Featuring all the stereotypical characters from high school. Who doesn’t want to see that super friendly cheerleader just one more time?
Weddings are supposed to be the beginning of life together for two people but what happens when the bride & groom don’t show?

Haven’t the people on this ship suffered enough? Now we’re throwing murder into the mix…but at least we left Celine Dion at home!
Hawaiian Luau Block Party
Come experience a luau…with those crazy neighbors that everybody has & talks about. It’s a wild luau & no you don’t have to try poi to enjoy it.
We also feature murder in an Irish Pub, plus new scripts are being written all the time.